We create top-notch bathrobes robes at large quantity (Our minimum order quantity depends on GSM which is calculated by weight) for spas, hotels, brands and resorts. The bathrobes are available in various sizes, and the bathrobe size usually refers to 2 main things the waist and the length of the robe.
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The design and style of every bathrobe are different from the others. The main difference in design among the robes is the waist and collar.
Like every clothing, piece bathrobe needs cleaning as well, but you must read the instructions present on the care labels of the robe before washing them.
A bathrobe made from the material of polyester, cotton, and fleece is the most common one.


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Bathrobes are a commodity everyone should have because they keep you warm and dry and are a great source of comfort. While choosing a bathrobe, consider material, size, style, fit, and durability. Apart from that, to maintain the softness and quality of a bathrobe, cleaning should follow the care instructions.

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Material: Cotton

Brand: Ortex

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