Waffle robe wholesale is practical and lightweight to use. They are created with an exceptionally great material of cotton. The cotton material of the waffle robe wholesale keeps you cozy and warm while drying the moisture, all thanks to its top-quality material.

The waffle robe wholesale from Orahome is perfect for poolside, home, sauna, and spa. These waffle bathrobes make an ideal bridesmaid gift as well.

Our premium wholesale waffle robes are made with top-notch quality fabric that makes them extra absorbent, durable, and fluffy.

Orahome manufactures these waffle robes wholesale with 100% cotton, implying that our product is comfortable and soft. These waffle robes wholesale can withstand multiple washes because they are super durable.

Orahome provides excellent standard waffle robe wholesale that is also pretty affordable. Our waffle robe can be designed or styled with personalized effects that include embroidery of your initials or other designs.

Long waffle robes

Different Types Of Waffle Robe Wholesale Based On Sizes

Waffle robe wholesale are available in different sizes that are as follow

Long Waffle Robes

Orahome has excellent quality long waffle robes wholesale that are practical and lightweight. These robes keep your body cozy with their great long style. Our long waffle bathrobes are ideal for daily use, sauna, and spa. Our long waffle bathrobe will keep you cozy outside in a chilly atmosphere and at home. Our store has different bathrobes in multiple styles, such as velour shawls and kimonos.

Long waffle bathrobe wholesale is ideal for daily use outside areas like Jacuzzi, pools, and spas because it is super light and comfy. We at Orahome offer soft and comfortable long waffle bathrobes for men and women. The waffle robes Orahome provides have various stylish designs with velour collars. The shawl collar offers a beautiful and elegant look ideal for practical use because it dries quickly. We have unique products when it comes down to women’s long waffle robes in a kimono shape. So explore through our unique, high-quality, stylish waffle robe wholesale

Short Waffle Robes

Waffle robe bulk is ideal for daily use in the spa, sauna, or pool because they dry quickly and are very light to carry. A short waffle robe is perfect for practical use because they are knee-length, and they do not cause irritation or itchiness on your skin due to its extra comfortable and soft material.
Orahome short waffle robe dries the moisture very quickly, and it has ¾ sleeves with two pockets. These robes are available in several sizes and colors. Getting these robes is perfect because they are ideal clothing pieces that can be worn outside and inside, whether at home or at a spa or poolside, gym, or sauna.
The short waffle robe comes in striking colors like navy, turquoise, lavender, etc.

Waffle robes are in high-demand

Bathrobes became well-known for being the most comfortable garment present with the help of various indispensable elements. Robes have a loose-fitting though they have a silhouette-flattering outline. The whole composition of a bathrobe is completed while keeping top-notch comfort.
The fabric also has an essential role because it makes a massive difference in a robe’s absorbency level and coziness. The robe fabric woven or sewed also makes a significant difference.
If a massive piece of cloth is sewn in an odd and impractical way, you will feel the plushness of cotton but will not have an enjoyable experience.

Offer Maximum Comfort

Customer satisfaction is essential and highly depends on their contentment or comfort level in any hospitality business or industry. Having robes ready for any spa or hotel guest is a great way to show that you care for your clientele’s comfort.
Bathrobes are available in tons of options these days, but choosing which one suits the requirements can be challenging. For that, you have to decipher when and where the bathrobes will be primarily used. The number of bathrobes that are going to be used is also essential to count.
The setting and environment in which a bathrobe will be used determine how snug or how long the bathrobe should be and whether it will suit the overall ambience, depending on the texture.

Maximum Durability

Durability is an essential factor when choosing waffle robe wholesale. So when a client throws a robe on, they must feel the sensation of putting on something brand new every time. That is the outstanding quality offered by long-lasting robes that are styled and designed in a certain way that can endure several uses and washes.
The weaving of microfiber or cotton mainly creates waffle bathrobes in a durable manner. Such bathrobes can withstand several washes with ease without any comprise on durability.

Exceptional Breathability

The robes that are made with waffle weave permit air to effortlessly flow within the bathrobes’ fabric, which makes it viable for the material of the robe to dry at a fast rate. This factor is essential when the bathrobes are utilized in wet environments such as swim or baths.
When the fabric of the robe tends to dry off quickly, the bathrobe can be laundered or washed effortlessly to be used or worn again. Apart from that, the air-circulation of the waffle robe makes them perfect for keeping warm or cool in several surroundings.

Broad-Ranging Absorbency

Along with the high capability of the waffle robe to dry quickly, it is also amazingly absorbent. This is great for wet areas, including the pool, spa, sauna, bath, Jacuzzi, and beach, because the bathrobe will instantly absorb all the moisture.
Waffle bathrobes are ideal for use in all the spas because massage lotions and oils will be easily absorbed into the robe. In the sauna and steam room, the bathrobes will be ready with ideal coziness for the guest to wear.

Versatile At Their Core

Waffle robes have the versatility of being packed and stored because they are wrinkle-resistant and lightweight in nature. These robes can be packed in the bottom of a suitcase because they do not occupy much space and maintain their usual form.
Waffle robes can easily be stored in a cupboard or any other storage place, and they can be hung behind a door and a closet efficiently. These robes are so versatile that they can even be folded in a drawer and leave enough space to put other belongings.

Textured Elegance

Waffle robes define simplicity with their ornate pattern, which makes these robes the classic piece favourite of many. Many industries or businesses prefer waffle robes because of their texture and other impressive specifications.
Waffle robes can be designed with personalized effects like coloured piping that will make the whole look of the robe more appealing. Apart from that, monograms and logos can also be embroidered on the robes.

How To Choose The Ideal Bathrobe

The time of the year has arrived when the heavy and bulky winter bathrobes are replaced with the more lightweight and comfortable robes. And what can be lighter and easeful than a waffle robe? Waffle robes are manufactured in various patterns, fabrics, and colors.
There are many reasons why businesses should get waffle robes for their guests. And these bathrobes make perfect bridesmaid gifts as well. So whether you choose to wear them at home or outside, these robes are ideal.


Another essential thing to keep in mind is the size of the bathrobe. There are generally two sizes when it comes down to bathrobes. The first size is one size suitable for most people, and the other one is plus size, which is a wrap-around.
One-size bathrobes are designed to fit a person who is 5’8 tall or under. This size also works for shorter people as well. However, if you are taller than 5’8″, it will be great fr you to choose plus size.


The first thing every notice is the robe material, and the most preferable material is soft and fluffy. Waffle robes are considered ideal material because they dry quickly, absorb moisture, and are lightweight compared to some other materials.
Waffle robes are famous cotton-made robes because they are cozy and comfortable


While selecting a cozy and comfortable bathrobe, do not forget to honk about its fit. The way any waffle robe fits is also an essential factor to consider, just like the style and the color, because your experience of wearing a waffle robe highly depends upon its fit.
The material, the fit, and the length of the bathrobe are essential to consider while choosing a bathrobe for home and outside.


The last thing to consider while choosing a comfortable waffle robe is what style you like most and which suit you the most. The market has different types and designs available, and choosing among tons of styles becomes hard.
The different styles of waffle bathrobes are
• Hooded waffle bathrobe
• Froggers
• Open front
• Kimono
• V-Shaped


Waffle robes are lighter, airy, and comfortable to wear, and they are ideal for practical use. They have the high ability to dry quickly and are super absorbent, so they are perfect to wear inside and outside environments like homes, spas, saunas, pools, and Jacuzzi. Waffle robes come in various styles and colors.

Color: Options Available

Material: Cotton

Brand: Ortex

Waffle robes have textured elegance

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