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Hair Towels

Size: 20″ x 40″ to 30” x 58” inches

Color: Options Available

Material: Microfiber

Fabric Type: Microfiber

Brand: Ortex

Ora Home Hair towels are great for drying hair quickly without having to drape a giant bath towel over your head. They come in multiple sizes to suit different hair lengths. Hair towels also dry faster themselves so they stay fresh longer and need fewer washes in between uses. This cotton hair towel and others like it exemplify the ideal hair towel.

Get Hair Towels In Bulk on Best Wholesale Prices

Orahome hair towel is the trusted source for the best quality wholesale towels. Orahome has brought luxury, comfort, and durability for our customers who need premium hair towels in bulk for gyms, hair salons, spas, hotels, motels, massage parlors, and many other businesses. We manufacture hair towels in various sizes and weights for different business needs. Our hair towels are made from microfiber to ensure quality and longevity in our products. You can count on Orahome for quality, savings, and service.

Premium Hair Towel

Indulge yourself into the ultimate experience of plushness and luxury with the beautiful and comfortable hair towel from our variety of best Orahome hair towel collections. How to find the best hair towel that matches your business preference? Not everyone has the budget for expensive hair towels. It is wise to spend on the right type of hair towel with affordable bulk prices, but that doesn’t mean your choice will be less indulgent. Picking up what is best for you can be easier when you get answers to some burning questions. Let’s understand the mastery of shopping for hair towels.

What Makes It a Hair Towel?

If you own a salon, spa, massage parlor, or any related business – Here’s why you should be investing in Hair Towel Wrap? If you want your business to get happy customers, you need to satisfy them with the best hair care services.
Usually, after a hair washes, it is common for many women at home to cover their heads with a regular body towel. But in salons and spas, this practice would be vulnerable for drying hair. When hair is wet, it becomes much more prone to breakage.
A hair towel wrap is specifically made to absorb all the extra moisture perfectly and reduce the amount of frizz. A hair towel is a secure wrap for your hair – as it helps dry hair in less time and without pulling or tugging any hair strands. Hair towels are not only healthy for hair but your business as well.

Why Choose Premium Quality?

Premium Quality 100% Cotton
Why do some clothes and other wearable items cost more than others? It’s simply because of the premium quality of the product. Choosing economy or premium quality is your choice; however, one should go with the premium because it is exceptional.
Similarly, premium quality hair towels are 100% manufactured from cotton for hair towels. They are durable and rich in quality, giving your skin a softer feel, woven with 100% spun cotton. It is best to buy premium hair towels because they are convenient and washable in the machine.
The machine cleans the hair towel in warm water using detergent and tumbles dry on low. Soft and delicate premium hair towel provides a soft touch while absorbing moisture, is highly absorbent, and is light-weighted. No harmful chemicals or synthetic materials are used to prepare. Safe for family & loved ones, made from natural materials.

What to Consider When Choosing High-End Hair Towel

Picking hair towels that are soft to touch, plush, and cozy is a good start, but not what experts recommend. Experts suggest looking for the material and quality stamp on the hair towel before anything else! A cranky, poor quality and grainy textured hair towel could be less functional. So here are some expert-approved tips to help you find the best hair towel – remember these tips while you shop later from our Orahome bath collection:

When It Comes to Hair Towel Materials, Which Is Best?

Are you finding a good-to-go towel for your business? In your search for a perfect hair towel wrap, you should know the key materials most hair towels are made of. Here are the top best picks of the businesses when it comes to materials:

Using a Cotton Towel for Hair

There’s a lot more to learn about the cotton hair towel wrap. If you are looking for the best hair towel made of natural material, cotton will best suit your business needs. Cotton is a versatile material. For salons, spas, parlors, gyms, it can use for any business purpose because cotton performs well for all hair types.
However, cotton is a durable and breathable product, but there are also some cons. Cotton uses many resources, which leads to making the cotton fibers rough. So cotton towel wraps create dryness and breakage and can fray your hair.
So let’s move on to some more sustainable options for a perfect hair towel that works for your business!:

Using a Microfiber Towel for Hair

Many people wonder “if there is any difference between a microfiber towel or a regular bath towel?” The difference is big! Many businesses use microfiber towels for various purposes. Microfiber towels have tinier and smoother fibers than a regular bath towel.
Microfiber towels are formed with a blend of tiny polyamide and polyester fibers. These fibers are light in weight and 100 times finer than human hair. Despite this fact, this ultra-thin microfiber hair towel has a large surface area and denser fabric which is vital for extra absorbency with ease.
For businesses, the most significant part of using microfiber towels is that they reduce breakage, lessen hair fall, and don’t damage hair. The tiniest fibers don’t tangle hair and cause less friction


Hair towels vary in different weights and sizes. The amount of material used in the hair towel defines how thick or thin a hair towel could be. However, for various business purposes, Orahome manufactures precisely what you need.

A premium hair towel measurement can be done with GSM Method or Grams per Square Meter. A substantial weight of a hair towel will determine the plushness of a hair towel. On a scale of 300-900, hair towels have variable weights:
• 300-400 GSM: is exceptionally thinner and lighter in weight. These hair towels are ideal for businesses that need to transport large quantities of light-weighted hair towels. This GSM is the best choice if quick drying is your concern!
• 400-600 GSM: is a medium-weight hair towel. Ideal for both residential and commercial use. It can be used every day and are great for the beach. For business hotels, this GSM is practical. The fibers provide excellent tightness and feel long-lasting.
• 600-900 GSM: is dense and heavy than others. They are more absorbent and offer warmth. The texture provides extra luxury and richness, so it is probably the best tactic to attract high-end customers. This GSM is ready to pamper your needs and client demands!


If you love to stay wrapped after a hot bath while blow-drying your hair, shaving, or applying makeup, hair towels are good to go. Hair towels are a good choice if you want more surface area and coverage. Since they possess more excellent coverage, they are more absorbent and effective in drying.
Besides absorbency, hair towels also have material and density that determine the water penetration rate in the hair towels.
Hair towels that get soggy so quickly or don’t even saturate water beads are pointless. The weave matters here! Because the weave of the fibers creates designs so that the water permeates slower in the towel and performs well for extended use. Evaporation time is also an essential factor for excellent absorbency.


If this is your first time purchasing wholesale hair towels for your business, you might not be familiar with the specific terminologies; most places use, ring-spun yarn, open-end cotton, single or double. While choosing the right option that works best for your business is easy with Orahome. So here are a few hair towels particulars to make your buying process easier!
• Ring Spun Yarn vs. Open End Yarn
In manufacturing a hair towel, yarn is vital because it gives a softer touch and strength to the hair towel. If the hair towel is made of Ring Spun Yarn, it must be spun or twisted uniformly to the core during the production. This twist makes yarn softer and optically whiter. Ring Spun Yarn has higher tensile strength. In comparison, Open End Yarn is undoubtedly a cost-effective option. It creates most institutional hair towels, but it is harsher to feel and less strengthened.
• Cotton vs. Blend
Another critical factor is whether you need a 100% cotton hair towel or a polyamide-polyester (microfiber) hair towel blend. 100% cotton hair towels are more absorbent and less durable. However, blended hair towels are robust in absorption and last for approximately 30 washes. What about colored hair towels?
We recommend always choosing 100% cotton hair towels when shopping for color hair towels because polyester does not retain dyes easily.
• Terry vs. Combed
Terry hair towels have intact loops on either side, which boast high absorbency. On the other hand, Combed hair towels go through huge machines that cut out on shorter, brittle fibers, and so the long, tough threads remain.


The quality, construction, and size of hair towels vary depending on your business priorities. So first, you must understand what type of coverage you expect and the purpose of using it?
Hair towels are typically rectangular, and hair towels have various dimensions. You choose what matches your business needs. Hair towels with more coverage are perfect for wrapping around your body. Here are the sizes you can pick from:
• Size: 20”×40”, to 30”x58” Inches


Hair towels should often be washed and cleaned to eliminate the dirtiness and dinginess and keep the moisture away to decrease the risk of soggy hair towels. Certain things impact the texture and plushness of the fabric of hair towels. You must be mindful of these nifty tricks for cleaning hair towels and making them spotless, flawlessly long-lasting, and durable.

1. Stop Using Fabric Softeners in the Laundry

Since hair towels are a fantastic bath care product, they retain all the water from your body and hair. So you might also be vigilant about the products you use to wash your hair towels. Many clothing has tags, which especially say NOT to use fabric softeners.
Fabric softeners functions to create a waxy coating – making it harder for water and detergent to permeate and get rid of the dust. You can only use these fabric softeners in rotational cycles if you want your hair towels to remain velvety soft. So, using fabric softeners is not a good idea!

2. Replace Fabric Softeners with White Vinegar

The bright white appearance of hair towels is essential for commercial businesses. Fabric softeners contain water repellent silicon, so the hair towels do not get enough wash, and layers and layers of detergent progressively build up.
Make crusty hair towels feel new again with this simple trick. If hair towels are less than fluffy and non-absorbent, this hack can reverse the condition of your hair towels.
Run the regular wash cycle. Redo the process and use one cup of white vinegar every six weeks. They will remove soapy residue that makes the hair towels harsh and rough, bringing back softness and restoring the full absorbency.

3. Use Bleach Sparingly

Bleach is effective, but it is dangerous for hair towels. Sort clothes into two separate categories. Bleach pairs well with white hair towels. However, for colored ones, avoid using chlorine bleach.
Bleach is harmless and powerful; it can break down the constitution of hair towels. So it is recommended to use bleach periodically and once in a while.

4. Soak Soiled Hair Towels Overnight

It’s crazy how white towels have such dirt built up that creates dark water when soaked!
If your hair towels get old and have noticeable stains and marks, it is the right time to soak your hair towels overnight in a tub filled with hot water. The hair towels will rest, submerged in hot water before the wash cycle.
Try laundry stripping – Your hair towels are dirtier than you think! This idea to soak the and deep-clean hair towels for a longer period or overnight using baking soda can drag out all dirt, debris, oil, bacteria, and fabric softener. Also, get your hair towels released from the stinky hard-to-wash stains this way.

5. Lighten the Drying Load

Lighten your load – it’s the key! Hair towels are large, and they want enough room to circulate and get a fair dry. Many gyms, hotels, spas get hundreds of piles stacked with dirty hair towels.
When loads get too bulky, the drying time reduces. Agitating is a significant component of the drying process. So if not adequately dried, hair towels become stiff, less absorbent, and not ready to function.
So keep the loads minimum so it does not become overwhelming and ensure the hair towels can roll around in the dryer.

6. Include a Dryer Ball

To further boost the drying loads, you can toss wool dryer balls to help prevent laundry from clumping in the dryer. The dryer balls are the best tool to retain excessive heat from the dryer. This way, laundry dries more efficiently and faster.
You can find an alternative to dryer balls – use a clean tennis ball. This nifty trick makes the hair towels fluffy and reduces the drying time.

7. Neatly Stack the Hair Towels

How to store the hair towels is highly critical. Stacking hair towels in a neat and organized way is essential for building a good reputation for your business. Cranky hair towels ruin the display and look unprofessional.
Folding hair towels is vital in cleaning and regularity. Moreover, in the gym, spas, hotel closets, it is essential to fold the hair towels for the arrangement of other items. Deliberately folding hair towels make them look smooth and saves space.
Also, when you arrange them in order, you make them more accessible for your employees to find – a way to the fastest care and supply.

Orahome Wholesale Premium Hair Towels

Do you run your own business? So what’s your top priority to make your customers feel more valued? Providing your guests with poor, low-quality & scratchy hair towels is not a good welcome!
Orahome hair towels are made of 100% cotton and dense looping to perform well absorption, give softer texture, and a classic design to make your guest fall in love with the hospitality and hair towels.
Make Orahome your first online source for buying wholesale premium hair towels. Start shopping today to stock your bathrooms, spa, and hotels with top-quality premium hair towels in bulk.

Size: 20″ x 40″ to 30” x 58” inches

Color: Options Available

Material: Microfiber

Brand: Ortex

Fabric Type: Microfiber

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