What’s ORA HOME Stocklot? 

At Ora Home we receive high-quality items at a fraction of the price in a large quantity we sell them as a lot. These are created by our partnered top factories which produce goods more than required and mostly they are brand new and not being sold anymore. We offer these stock lot products below market price.

What do we have in stock?

The availability of stock lots keeps on changing so keep in touch with our sales team. All our stock lot items are 100% Cotton with assorted sizes & colors. Premium Yarn quality 12/1, 12/1 Combed Yarn, 16/1, 16/1 Combed Yarn, Egyptian Cotton Yarn, Low Twist & also available in Zero twist. Our Stock lot are gathered from high-end production factories only. All export materials are well inspected and filtered by our team.

Bath Sheet

Weight Range 18 pounds per dozen up to 20 pounds per dozen

24pc per Carton

100% Cotton

Bath Towel

Weight Range 12 pounds per dozen up to 16 pounds per dozen

24pc per Carton

100% Cotton

Hand Towel

Weight Range 3.5 pounds per dozen up to 4.5 pounds per dozen

72pc per Carton

100% Cotton

Wash Cloth

Weight Range 1.3 pounds per dozen up to 1.5 pounds per dozen

288pc per Carton

100% Cotton

6 Piece Wash Cloth Set

Weight 1.3 pounds per dozen up to 1.5 pound per dozen

48pc per Carton

100% Cotton

Shipping stocklot goods all-around US.
Premium USA goods available at a below-market price
All goods will be packed in cartons
Warehouse located in New Jersey, USA

We, Will, Get Back to You Within One Business Day.

What Creators Have To Say About Our Towels

Makes custom manufacturing accessible to all creators, including retailers, online sellers, small businesses, and corporations. Here’s what some of our community members have to say about making custom Towels with us:

Our customers love our premium quality towels, the feedback we are getting is marvelous

Hmz A.
Austin Trim & Wholesaler Inc

Our beach towels and bath towels range was boring and outdated. We ordered fresh stock lot item from ORAHome it had the finest quality towels at a very good price.

Berries Stores

We ordered custom hand towels and branded facemasks for our staff with our logo on it. It was wonderful. We got the order shipped to us within our deadline. The quality was premium. Highly recommended

Nosh Khan
The Gnosh

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