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White Face Towels

Size: 12×12” , 13×13”

Color: Options Available

Material: Cotton

Fabric Type: 100% Cotton

Brand: Ortex

Our luxury hotel quality face towels are made from 100% cotton with a double loop weave making these towels incredibly soft, absorbent, and perfect for any type of use.
Made of 100% Cotton


White Beach Towels from Orahome is the trusted source to buy quality towels at the best wholesale rates. Here you can find the best-discounted prices on the wholesale beach and pool towels. Lightweight, compact and high-quality, with a plush-soft feel and striped design.

Bath Sheets - Orahome

White Bath Towels

White Bath Towels are the trusted source for the best quality wholesale towels. ORA Home has brought luxury, comfort, and durability for our customers who need premium white bath towels in bulk for hospitals, gyms, athletic departments, hotels, motels, nursing homes, massage parlors, and many other businesses.

White Hand Towels

Where to find Hand towels of top quality? You can find the best-discounted prices on wholesale White Hand Towels. We know hand towels are a must for most places like the gym, hotel, spa, health clubs, beauty salon, tanning salon, or nail salon.

White Kitchen Towels

We are the most trusted source to buy quality kitchen towels at the best wholesale rates. Here you can find the best-discounted prices on wholesale kitchen towels, tea towels, dish towels, etc. We know kitchen towels are a must for restaurants, hotels, cafes, or food factories.

White Face Towels & Wash Cloth

We are manufacturers of super quality White Face Towels and Washcloths for hotels at wholesale prices.

White Tea Towels

White Tea Towels are hotel business essentials. Dry your pots instantly while adding beautiful design details to your kitchen with a pack of our linen Tea Towels. These White Tea towels are designed to absorb water quickly and are fully washable for added ease. In addition, Orahome provides a wide range of different designs, especially our printed Tea Towels will fit in with any kitchen style.

White Golf Towels

If you manage a golf club, you must know how essential the White Golf Towels are for your customers. Among other basic essentials – quality white golf towels are also crucial for businesses. At ORA Home, our durable and clean 100% cotton-made golf towels are provided a low bulk order prices.

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White Salon Towels

White Salon towels from ORA Home are 100% cotton-made white towels specifically designed to meet your salon needs. It can work effectively in all environments, including nailing salons, hair and beauty salon, and spa.

Cheap White Bulk Hand Towels

At Orahome, you can find the Cheapest White Hand Towels In bulk. Our durable and high-quality white hand towels come in various sizes. They are pure white, made of 100% premium cotton. We understand that a hand towel is an essential need for any business. So you can trust Orahome for quantity and quality!

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Spa White Towels

Our great selection of White Spa Towels is the most trusted choice for many spa businesses. We understand that our customers need to stock up a wide variety of spa and massage towels for a functional flow. We are serving you our top-notch services to make your spa towels in a perfect size that matches your business requirements. Buy online from Orahome because we are the most trusted supplier for your spa or massage studio.

White Hotel Towels

Orahome provides a vast selection of White Hotel Towels – from stocking hand towels to washcloths, from bath towels to pool towels, from shower towels to fingertip towels. We offer different weights and sizes. Choose your style and construction method; ring-spun, cotton/poly blend, or 100% premium cotton. Do you need to print your business logo or want any customization! Let’s discuss what you prefer!

White Premium White towels

Indulge yourself into the ultimate experience of plushness and luxury with the beautiful and comfortable k White towel from our variety of best Orahome White towel collections. How to find the best White towel that matches your business preference? Not everyone has the budget for expensive White towels. It is wise to spend on the right type of White towel with affordable bulk prices, but that doesn’t mean your choice will be less indulgent. Picking up what is best for you can be easier when you get answers to some burning questions. Let’s understand the mastery of shopping for White towels.