At Orahome, we carry the elegant and luxurious spa robes wholesale, and these spa robes wholesale are available in various materials like terry velour, waffle weave, and terry cloth fabrication. A comfort-providing bathrobe is the most luxurious amenity you have in life, and owning a comfortable and cozy robe is a great way to feel pampered at a spa.

Besides that, every robe makes a great gift to someone, especially a gift for the bridesmaid. A great dress and fantastic slippers also make a great gift for any occasion when given as a set.

Whether it’s the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day, bathrobes always make a perfect gift and a gift that is appreciated every time. Spa robes wholesale also make an excellent wedding gift for someone.

With the advancement in bathrobes’ material and manufacturing process, there are various options available regarding spa robes wholesale. Also, it becomes hard to choose a single perfect style or material when you have tons of choices. Bathrobes are underrated bath linens, and whenever people buy bath linens, they overlook bathrobes and focus more on towels, hand flannels, bath mats, and face flannels.

So whether you want to pamper yourself at a spa, have a swim or bath, and want to warm up your body, spa robes wholesale comes in handy on all such occasions. Spa robes wholesale are perfect luxurious clothing that will lighten your mood


The Best Material For Spa Robes Wholesale

Spa robes are created in various materials ranging from polyester to cotton. The material of the spa robe is a determining factor for both breathability and softness.

Spa Bath Robe Cotton

Cotton is the most preferable and popular choice for bathrobes, especially spa bathrobes, and cotton comes in multiple options. Cotton is the most comfortable, warm, and airy material that makes it a perfect choice for every time of the year.
Cotton is very soft and comfortable to wear; it is affordable and durable. It will be great to keep in mind that cotton gets creased quickly, and it is very much prone to wrinkling and shrinking. So it would help you to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Turkish Cotton Spa Robe

Turkish cotton is a type of premium cotton that is also considered the most expensive option for bathrobes. Turkish cotton has extra-long cotton fibers, and these long fibers are the reason for their smoothness and strength.
The bathrobes made from Turkish cotton are a luxurious item that is super airy, soft, durable, and comfortable. So the robe from Turkish cotton will last forever compared to other material robes.
After washing a Turkish cotton robe, it became fluffier, absorbent, and softer, and washing makes the robe brand nee and smooth forever.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is more refined and softer than cotton because of its high thread count. The high number of threads makes the robes made from Egyptian cotton 100% more soft, comfortable and luxurious.
Owning a bathrobe made from Egyptian cotton is like owning something luxurious and plush because of its fine quality and durability. Egyptian cotton is also a more costly option for spa robes, but it is worth it because it will last years.

Polyester | Luxury Spa Robes

Polyester is a synthetic or human-created material, and it is usually used with a blend of cotton. Although the polyester material is artificial, it offers incredible plushness and softness to the spa robe. It is the most popular option when it comes to spas and hotel bathrobes because of the comfort level it offers and its luxurious feel.

Cotton Blend | Spa Robes Wholesale

The cotton blend includes the blend of polyester and cotton, and it is usually known for its high strength and durability compared to a cotton robe. The cotton makes the spa robe comfortable and lightweight and allows maximum air circulation. At the same time, the blend of polyester makes the robe wrinkle-free and soft.

Rayan From The Bamboo

The material known as Rayan from the Bamboo is a thin material that is very strong. The delicate nature of this material makes it super breathable and perfect in any warm climate. This material spa bathrobes are great for sauna robes.
Naturally, the think material of Rayan makes it hypoallergenic. The material is super soft and comfortable for the skin and relaxes the body.

The Best-Knit Type For Spa Robes

The knit bathrobe indicates what the robe will feel and look like when someone puts it on

Cotton Terry Fabric

Terry cloth is a fabric that makes a common choice for most bathrobes and towels because of its fantastic ability to absorb moisture. Its moisture absorbing capacity makes it an ideal choice for post-bathing and post-swimming.
It is necessary to keep in mind that terry cloth gets heavy when it absorbs moisture from the body. The remarkable thing about terry cloth is that it is prone to shrinking.

Waffle Cotton Towels

The other famous knit type for spa robes is the waffle robe, which often gets confused with the breakfast food. The waffle knit has a unique pattern of squares that makes it easy to be noticed or distinguishable.
Waffle knit is mainly made with cotton, making it soft to the touch, fast dryable, and highly absorbent.


Fleece is also a great option for spa robes if you are looking for some warm options. Fleece is very soft to the touch, and it has insulating properties that are the reason for its warmth.
Fleece is very much the same as wool, but what makes it different from wool is affordable and lighter. Fleece is famous for its moisture and water-absorbing ability, ideal for a cold day.
Fleece might see pilling, so read the instruction given by the manufacturer before washing.


Sateen is a soft and smooth knit type that provides a comfortable and luxurious feel. It is ideal for lounging here and there because it absorbs water or moisture and is very lightweight. It is necessary to provide tender care to sateen so read the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Velour material is exceptionally soft but thicker, which offers the luxurious feeling that a bathrobe deserves. The thickness of velour is ideal for keeping the body cozy and comfortable, and this kit material is perfect for colder climates. Velour is a bulkier material than the other material, and it is likely to be more expensive than the rest.

The Sizing For Spa Robes

The spa robes are manufactured in various sizes, including the one listed below.

• Small size
This size is ideal for the petite ones because it will fit them ideally without being extra-small or extra-large for the figure. It will fit the petite figure perfectly.

• Medium size
Medium size will be ideal for more than 5’5″ individuals because it will make a perfect fit. So, medium size will fit most people in spas, but if someone is taller, the large size will be more suitable.

• Large size
Individuals taller than 5’8″ will find a large size to their preference.

• Extra-large size
This size will be great for someone that like bulky bathrobes.

The Length Of Spa Robes

The length of the robe w=also has many options that are discussed below.

This length is perfect for having a massage or pedicure at the spa. Mid-calf length is ideal for warm weather. This bathrobe length falls to the mid of your calf and permits air to your legs. A mid-calf spa robe is suitable for someone who wants a mixed length between short and long robe.

Above Knee:
The length of the robe is considered a short type of robe; the hem is just above your knee. These knee-length robes are ideal for warm weather or when you are waxing, shaving, or getting some other service at a spa.
Knee-length robes show the most skin out of all the bathrobes, and they make the perfect bridal shower present.

Ankle length:
Such length of robes is ideal if you want to keep your body cozy, comfortable, and warm in a cooler or colder time. The ankle-length robe falls to your ankles; thus, do not show any skin and keep your legs and body warm from the cold breeze.

The Other Features Of Spa Robes

If you want some extra luxury in your bathrobes, these features are appreciated.

If you like to keep things like glasses, keys, and mobile with you all the time, even in the spa, then bathrobes with pockets will be ideal for you. Pockets in a spa robe will allow you to keep your belongings. It is a great way to keep your essential things with you all the time.

If you like bathrobes that offer more warmth and coverage, then a hood with the bathrobe will be perfect for keeping your neck or head warm during cold weather. The hood will make you extra cozy and comfortable.


Spa robes are made in multiple materials, styles, colours, and shapes that make them very versatile. The primary materials for spa robes are cotton, polyester, and fleece. Polyester is the most popular material for robes in different spas and hotels. These robes are very luxurious items and can make you feel comfortable

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